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Contract Perfusion Services

We provide the full complement of specialist perfusion equipment in conjunction with the expertise to provide the most contemporary practice of perfusion.

Australian Blood Management seeks to provide a perfusion solution that includes the highly specialised equipment for the delivery of care. This includes but is not limited to equipment such heart lung machines, intra-aortic balloon pumps, cell savers and equipment for extra-corporeal life support. We would provide a full time staffing solution of highly skilled certified perfusionists to ensure the best and safest practices.

Australian Blood Management will provide this support in a manner that is not limited to cardiac surgery, but to all areas and disciplines within the Hospital. This would include for example staff for the initiation of support in the interventional angiography suite such as an intra-aortic balloon pump or full bypass support, the use of autologous red cell salvage in other surgical procedures and the willingness to partake in the training of all specialist disciplines.

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