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Our service solution includes, but is not limited to, contract service arrangements, case-by-case arrangements and temporary coverage options that include the supply and management of hardware and disposable stock. View all our services.
Quality compliance

Through our association with the relevant governing bodies and medical institutions our clinical specialists offer technical expertise and experience, guaranteeing Best Practice Management through the application of evidence-based medicine whist adhering to strict compliance measures.


Since 2006 ABM has provided superior services in cardiopulmonary perfusion, autologous blood salvage, autologous platelet gel wound care, specialist chemotherapy perfusion, innovative clinical simulation, advanced life support equipment distribution and specialised heater-cooler unit (HCU) services throughout New South Wales.

Meet the team

Hayden Dando


Hayden is a Perfusionist with an interest in blood management that was sparked a long time ago in deepest darkest South Wales. After training at Papworth in the UK, he came to Australia “for a few months” in 2000. Since then he has worked at St Vincents, Royal North Shore Hospital, a spell in the wilderness working for the corporate sector, and was until a couple of years ago Chief Perfusionist at the Childrens Hospital at Westmead.

In 2006 he started Australian Blood Management that is a clinical services provision company where he now works full time and is occasionally allowed by his team to actually make decisions.

He is a passionate advocate of patient blood management and will take any opportunity to talk about it, preach it and otherwise annoy people into submission.

He recently completed his Masters Degree and is looking for other ways to take up what little time he still has spare. At the moment he is doing his best to turn ABM into a clinical services company with a SCUBA diving problem.


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Nicole Sham


Our general manager, nicole, trained and worked as an autotransfusionist for abm since 2010, before moving into practice management in 2011 and finally into her role as general manager.


With many years experience in business leadership in various industries, nicole has extensive knowledge in all aspects of management. She has a strong focus on providing customers with an effortless experience.


She is a self proclaimed coffee snob who has a famous chihuahua.


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Dr Tracy Bakos


Our clinical director, tracy, completed her medical and surgical training in the heart of south africa in 1998.


Whilst chasing her dream to travel the world she worked throughout the united kingdom, where her passion for clinical haematology and perioperative patient management began. She brought this passion to fruition by completing her postgraduate diploma and fellowship training in anaesthesiology.


In 2014 she made the exciting decision to immigrate with her family to sydney. Due to health and family demands, her professional path altered from clinical anaesthesiologist to clinical medical advisor.


In 2017 she joined the abm team and with her personal and professional interest in perioperative patient blood management her role as clinical director and autotransfusionist for abm was a natural fit.


Tracy faces life’s challenges with resolve and is possibly pathologically optimistic.


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Casey Edwards


Casey is a graduate of the Australian National University and an ANZCP Certified Perfusionist, with 8 years of experience across both adult and paediatric cardiac surgery. She was lucky enough to join the ABM team in 2021.


Casey loves that ABM challenges her with a particularly diverse caseload and enables her to collaborate with many of the state’s most interesting and talented clinicians. Casey has been an elected member of the ANZCP Board of Perfusion since 2018 and is a strong advocate for women in STEM careers, regularly being invited to speak on the topic. She has a special interest in ECMO and has been integral to the team developing NSW’s first out-of-hospital ECPR program.


Away from work, Casey is a competitive crossfitter, a procrasti-baker and is renowned for having incredibly neat handwriting.


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Adrian Sage


Adrian has been affiliated with our ABM team since 2015 and joined us full-time in 2020.


He originates from a nursing background and has gained extensive expertise within the
perioperative environment as an anaesthesia practitioner.

After completing his nursing at Concord and Royal Prince Alfred Hospitals in Sydney he
gained further qualifications in anaesthesia technology, education, and business
management. He has held clinical roles in education and demonstrated effective
leadership as a department manager.

Adrian spent many years developing perioperative standard skills with extensive practise in clinical cardiac anaesthesia, cardiopulmonary related perfusion, and blood
management. With an extensive clinical background and a commitment to healthcare
training and education Adrian has built a diverse range of relationships within the
industry. This includes development of health training packages and delivering registered training organisations education requirements.

He has also extended his services as a voluntary team member and coordinator of “Open Heart International” providing specialised cardiac and perfusion services overseas.

Adrian’s more recent commitments extended to higher education learning with a
university clinical school. This incorporated delivering simulation-based medical learning in clinical medicine. Joining ABM has also opened unique opportunities in providing veterinary research in perfusion and autotransfusion.

Adrian continues his recreational interests in boating and diving.


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Charles (Chas) Gutman


Chas started his working life as a tradesman, before working as a skydiving instructor while he figured out “what he wanted to do with his life”. He eventually decided on a career in health care as he had always been drawn to helping people.


Chas studied nursing at Darwin university while he worked as a skydiver. He started nursing on the gold coast, worked in a trauma hospital in Florida for a couple of years before returning to Brisbane to work as an ICU nurse. After moving to Wollongong in 2013, Chas worked as an anaesthetic nurse, where he developed an interest in cell salvage.


In 2016 he attended a Bloodline conference with ABM and was immediately impressed with their passion for blood management and dedication to excellence. Chas worked hard to emulate this by developing the cell salvage service at the wollongong public hospital. 

Chas is now working his dream job with the best in the business.

Mike Shaw


Craig De Vries


James Northcott


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