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Autotransfusion Related Services

Abm prides itself in offering a complete intraoperative cell salvage (ics) service consistently with the highest quality of care in patient blood management.

Our skilled and professional autotransfusionists utilise the latest cell saver equipment and disposables to safely enable the process of collecting shed blood from the surgical field with the principal aim of reducing or eliminating the need for donor blood transfusion. This process has repeatedly been shown to improve patient outcomes.

Our autotransfusion services include

Intraoperative cell salvage (ics) / autotransfusion

Australian Blood Management is a proven leader in patient blood management and autotransfusion, with dedicated specialists performing intraoperative blood salvage ensuring quality and compliance with regulations.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) Sequestration & Platelet gel processing

This innovative therapy is being utilised in many surgical fields to accelerate the healing process of surgical wounds and pressure sores. The highly concentrated Platelet Gel is an autologous blood product that our Autotransfusionists will prepare by utilising a small amount of the patient's blood preoperatively. The Platelet gel has demonstrated excellent haemostatic effects, reduced inflammation and enhanced accelerated wound healing.

The ABM team is well aware of the challenge that hospital management has in optimising cost effectiveness and quality health care delivery, which is why ABM offers the highest quality of services that allows clinicians to provide their patients with 'best practice' options whilst offering cost effective operational benefits and overall savings to the hospital.

We work jointly with healthcare providers to develop an individualised blood management plan for their patients that will reduce or eliminate the need for donor blood transfusions.


Medical professionals providing Autologous blood products embrace the advantages of zero risk of disease transmission and allogenic reaction, a reassuring message in times of increased patient awareness and increasing medico-legal litigation.


All our services meet the specific needs of individual surgeon practices, adhere to particular hospital protocols, and respect patient rights and confidentiality. 

Our service is based on a fixed price per case and includes:

All equipment, hardware and consumables required for the case.

Specialist, experienced personnel who work independently.

The placement of personnel for 24 hour a day, 7 day a week service.

Full documentation, auditing and quality control.


Patients that may benefit from ICS: 

Patients undergoing surgery routinely requiring blood cross matched.

Surgeries with significant expected blood loss. 

Patients with preoperative anaemia, coagulation disturbances, alloantibodies or who refuse donor transfusions for religious or other reasons. 

As a Patient it is important that you make informed decisions regarding your health and the ABM team is always available to provide information regarding our services.

Generally, you would benefit from our services if you were having surgery where you may lose a significant amount of blood that may result in you requiring a blood transfusion. 


There are many risks associated with receiving a donor blood transfusion and your surgical team will do everything to reduce the possibility of you requiring donor blood. Donor blood (aka Allogenic blood) can be lifesaving but is an imperfect substitute for a patient’s own blood (aka Autologous blood) and should only be used when absolutely necessary.

Our overall aim is to reduce or eliminate the need for donor blood transfusions and improve the quality of life and recovery time of patients.

Autotransfusion is the result of a process referred to as Intraoperative Cell Salvage (ICS), whereby a patient’s blood lost during surgery is processed, washed and returned to the patient. 

During the surgical procedure, the ABM team will maximise the amount of lost blood collected with specialised equipment, before processing it to remove any contamination and to concentrate the oxygen-carrying red blood cells to return to the patent before the procedure is complete.

Receiving one’s own salvaged blood is the safest choice, eliminating the possibility of errors in receiving the incorrect blood. 


Autotransfusion can be utilized in a wide range of surgical specialities and procedures. The ABM team in conjugation with the surgical team managing your condition will be able to discuss whether Autotransfusion is suitable for you.

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